O Cancedo has two buildings housing the different work spaces of an old tannery. One of them was dedicated to “Muiño da Casca” A place where a mule drove a heavy stone wheel to grind oak bark which produced the tannins used used to tan the skin. Today this wheel is part of our reception room.

In the other building was the actual tannery, outside “the pilos” are large stone tanks where the skins were cleaned and washed. Inside the building are the three tanks that were used for the tanning process and in the upper room the skins were dried.

When we bought the place in 2010, both buildings were in ruins and the whole property covered with ferns and brambles. The appearance was of total abandonment. In the last five years we have cleaned the land by hand and started a small holding using deep bed 4 season crop rotation processes as well as more traditional open bed cultivation. We have fruit trees planted and a fruit cage for berry bushes in place.

Finally in the summer of 2015 we started the renovation of the Muina da Casca. Landscaping continues and we have plans to improve the second building and to introduce chickens and ducks.

O Cancedo: The gateway to the forest

O Cancedo is one of the gateways to the protected forest of A Padella, full of native Ash, Oak, Chestnut and Holly trees. The forest is a paradise for birds, wild deer, wild boars and countless small animals. There are several trails for you to walk and breath in the magic of the forests of Galicia.

What does Requeixo mean?

Requeixo (pronounced Ray-kay-show) is a Gallego word that translates as the place that is a cleft in the mountains full of gushing water that irrigates a valley. It is always associated with a local village which in our case is Valverde. So we are Requiexo de Valverde because here are the springs that makes this valley always green.

Directly behind O Cancedo is the best of these natural springs. People visit from miles around to bottle the water and take it home – mineral water; pure, cold and natural.

How to get to O Cancedo

From Allariz there is a beautiful trail along the banks of the river Arnoia and then up through the forest that will lead you to Requeixo de Valverde. (6kms). By car leave Allariz on the road to Xunqueira and after 4kms it is the village with the impressive church to the right of the road.

Once in O Cancedo you have fantastic views of the valley and surrounding hills.