To offer you food experiences from around the world in our small farm, O Cancedo

We are passionate travellers and food fanatics with a deep love for Galicia. This combination gave us an idea which has now become a reality in a hamlet in the province of Ourense in Galicia, northern Spain.

We would love to see you here in O Cancedo and to share with you food experiences from around the world

We have travelled the world to find the very best spices available – from the spice plantations of Kerala in southern India and in the hills of Sri Lanka, from the spice bazaars of Istanbul and Cairo, from the vast markets of Bangkok and Saigon and from tiny hidden away shops in Lima and Kuala Lumpur. And as we went we sourced local recipes so that we can offer you, here in the heart of Galicia, truly authentic dishes from around the world.

Where ever we have travelled in the world – from tiny villages in central Turkey, industrial towns in northern Italy, fishing ports in Mozambique, palaces in Rajasthan or markets from Cusco to Hanoi – we have found a common theme; people like nothing better than a combination of great food, great atmosphere, good friends and lively conversation